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Seasons of Shred – Beyond The Bikepark In Whistler

We all know Whistler bike park is one of the best in the world but have you ever wondered what secret spots are lurking just outside the boundaries? In this episode of Seasons Of Shred Andrew Taylor and Niki Leitner follow Kelly McGarry out of bounds to some of the coolest local spots. They explore north and south of Whistler on the sea to sky highway and find some amazing tucked-away spots.

Seasons of Shred – Whistler Winnin with Kelly McGarry

In this episode of Seasons Of Shred we join Niki Leitner for his first ever trip to the world-famous Whistler Mountain Bike Park. With seasoned veterans Andrew Taylor and Kelly McGarry as guides, Niki quickly gets introduced to the MTB Mecca that is Whistler. Niki and the boys Experience all the famous trails the resort has to offer and even getting a chance to session the infamous Crabapple Hits – a session not to be missed.

Seasons of Shred – Pinning it down Inca Trail Peru – Part 2

In Episode 2 of mountain bike masterpiece Seasons of Shred, the crew’s journey through the highlands of Peru continues. We follow them from Cusco to Ollantaytambo to take part in the Inca Avalanche race, a hardcore enduro event. But it wasn’t all work and no play. After some grueling days at the Inca Avalanche it was time to check out one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. After a quick visit the crew found one last mtb riding stop above the Sacred Valley before ending their Inca invasion. Pinning It Down Inca Trail, Machu Picchu | Seasons of Shred with Andrew Taylor & Niki Leitner, Ep. 2


Seasons of Shred – MTB Gold in Peru – Part 1

Seasons of Shred follows the MTB crew of Andrew Taylor, Niki Leitner, and filmmaker Fabian Kluhs down to the incredible Andes mountains in Peru. There they meet up with long time friend Garett Buehler to explore the terrain while learning about the country’s unique culture. As they prepare for the Inca Avalanche race, they also scour the old Inca trails around Cuzco for one of Peru’s best kept secrets: sick MTB downhill and cross country trails. Peru has a lot to offer and shows amazing potential for the sport of mountain biking. Stay tuned for part 2 of the Inca Invasion! These Guys Discover MTB Gold in Peru | Seasons of Shred with Andrew Taylor & Niki Leitner, Ep. 1

Seasons of Shred – Wachau






First ride started in some wheat feilds.















Fabian getting close with his camera AKA his true love.
















This was the start of a trail that led us through a couple castles and had some epic views over the river.















The views here in Austria do not disappoint.
















Thanks to Roland Kogler to guide us arround !!